Creating a consistent image roll of high quality content is time consuming, challenging and lets be real, exhausting. Plus on top of that add running your own business. I totally get it. We as business owners do ALOT. And its stressful, daunting, and downright frustrating when you start to get into the mindset of 'well I just won't even do it at all then!' STOP! I've been there. I've lived these thoughts myself. It doesn't have to be like that anymore.

THIS is where I come in, Samantha Levi. 

I created this Creative Content Subscription out of necessity and repeated client request. A way for me to help you get beautiful content while fitting into the confines of a monthly budget.  I want to help you make magic with your brand and create high quality images for your business. Period. That is my speciality, that is my job, that is what I love to do. This subscription allows for everything you need big or small at an affordable value because at the end of the day I want everyone to be able to have high quality images, do what they are passionate about, and make an income selling products that they believe in that betters this planet and our own sanity :) . 

Great photographs for your brand/business is the first step to looking professional and serious about what you do. If you can invest in one thing, I always suggest photography. Society today lives on social media, the consumer (me, you, everyone around us) loves visuals and eye catching images. I know, its how I find people and make those purchases for specific products online.

Great visuals seal the deal! 

With my Creative Content Subscription I can guarantee a constant and consistent work flow of professional, cohesive and eye catching visuals that will push you ahead of the pack. 

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Im Samantha Levi

After working with big brands like Wendy's and IHG to helping create album/press/promo for artists like Tech N9ne, I’ve learned what it takes to create eye catching photography specifically for branding businesses. My creative content has the ability to earn your brand the followers, and in turn the CUSTOMERS, it’s looking for. Plus get ready for the never ending compliments too! With over 20 years of photography experience, 10 of which dedicated to social media and advertising I am confident in my skill set and industry insight to take you and your passion to the next level! 

My Promise: 

I promise to offer an incredible service and experience. My value and the value of everything I offer and bring to the table. I am here for you. I love learning about you! I love hearing your story, where you came from, how you grew this business into a brand. I am here to listen, bounce ideas, share and grow together. I am a generator by human design and I love connecting and finding ways to help others. This is radiated through my work, through the energy that exists and through my lifestyle. I am a master creator. I am a master image maker. I am a business owner (I get it!)

I am here to serve you. That I promise. 


Quarterly - 4X YEAR - $600

  • 2 hours of photography ONCE A QUARTER in my studio. 
  • PLUS
  • 30 ready to post images high res digital images
  • (Savings of $1000 per session)

Perfect for if you’re less interested in posting every day, and more interested in updated images for website and email campaigns or as just a seasonal update.


Bi-Monthly - 6X YEAR - $500

  • 2 hours of photography EVERY OTHER month in my studio!
  • PLUS
  • 30 ready to post images high res digital images
  • (Savings of $1100 per session)

A great way to start filling your online presence with beautiful images every other month. Perfect for those who post once or twice a week, need some updated email images and/or get new product in.  


Monthly - 12X YEAR - $450

  • 2 hours of photography EVERY month in my studio! 
  • PLUS
  • 30 ready to post images high res digital images 
  • (Savings of $1150 per session)

Get serious about your social media management and grow your brand! 30 images for 30 days. Great for those who want to post daily, send out constant email updates of new products and so forth. 



Pay as you go - $800

  • 1 hour of photography in my natural light studio! 
  • 10 ready to post images high res digital images

Great for products, lifestyle or look book images for your online shop. Additional images are available to purchase on a pro-rated scale just for you!

*My own hourly rate includes my photography creative fee, pre and post production, and the usage and licensing of the images included in the session. 

BUT whats the difference:

- If you choose to book with me at anytime I am $800/hr 

- If you choose a subscription package above being Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly

        - you will get an additional 1 hour

        - 20 additional images

        - MUCHO SAVINGS! 


Time: I've included the 2 hours to get the most out of our time together. This seems to be the sweet spot in my experience.

Images: This is the average amount of images my clients have requested. This allows for a minimum of one photo per day for posting each month. 

*Photo subscription terms are for terms agreed upon for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Minimum 12 month contract and if you cancel before the end of 12 months, session will be billed at the regular scheduled time and a shoot credit will be applied to your account.

Add Ons:

  • Want me to come to you in store or at a specific location?  + $150 (normally $200)

  • Desire additional images from our shoot? Digital High res Images are $100 each and include *usage and licensing. Multiple images are priced based on a sliding scale so please inquire and we can chat additional add on pricing info for this. 

  • Wardrobe Stylist Pulls + $200

  • Wardrobe Stylist On Set + $500

  • Makeup/Hair + $175 (starting at and is based on how many looks per subject)

  • Cinematography/Video + $800 (rates starting at and based on project need, post production editing and usage)

  • Social Media Specialist to run your account? Monthly rates starting at $500-$1500 depending on specific needs. Please inquiry to obtain the best possible rate. 

  • Need a model? Lets chat! I have relationships with the agencies in town to help you source the best fit for your brand. 

    Don't see what you need on here, just ask! I have a full in house branding/marketing/PR team that can assist as well in whatever your beautiful business may need. 


Next Steps: 

    1. Lets set up a consultation and chat further to see which option aligns best with your needs.

    2. I will draw up a contract and set up an automatic payment method with you. 

    3. We set up our shoot calendar and get to the fun part!

      Q/A -Still have questions?

      Not ready to sign up for a subscription?

      Lets set up a consultation and figure out what your needs are. One time business sessions are billed at $800 per hour, with 10 edited images included which might be a great fit for all you need.

      How can I use these images?

      Usage and licensing includes social media, website and email marketing for 3 years. The images you receive will be fully edited and ready for whatever social media platforms, email campaigns, websites you need them for. If images will be used for anything else beyond social media, website and email marketing a separate usage and license agreement will be drawn up and applied to the scope of the need and an additional estimate/invoice will be sent. This would include any printed materials, billboards, editorial, etc. Please discuss at time of consultation so we can determine what this looks like. 

      Where do we shoot and why?

      All of my shoots take place in my studio space I call, Phare. 

      Phare means lighthouse/beacon in French and is a beautiful natural light space in the Historic Luzier building located in Midtown of Kansas City. Its light comes from every direction giving us ample fun to play with. Phare was founded on the ability to connect illuminated innovators through education and community. Which is why its purpose is much greater then JUST my photography studio. However, I choose to shoot here because we have full access and control to anything we may need to execute the vision.  AND even a Tea-Biotics kombucha keg coming in the spring!!

      If you would like me to come to you or a specific location there is an additional $150 location charge per time as needed. Locations include anywhere within the Kansas City metro area. If you do not live in Kansas City and would like me to fly to you on location, additional travel fees will be applied. You are also welcome to mail or carrier pigeon ;) your products to me to photograph. 

      How quickly do I receive my photos?

      I know time is of the essence, so I try to get images back quickly. We set up a post production schedule with deadlines for image delivery. Once a shoot is wrapped, I will upload a proofing gallery online for you to make your final selections. From there the images go to my retoucher who will dial them in for us. The photos will then be uploaded to my website for direct zip download or if you wish dropbox/google drive. Average image turnaround is 1-2 weeks. 

      Can you just manage my social media accounts entirely?

      Unfortunately, no, I personally can’t at this time. BUT I do know a few highly qualified individuals who specialize in this and would be happy to connect you. So just ask :) 

      For me, I use a social media management app called Planoly which all I do is upload my images, add my caption and hashtags and hit schedule! It makes it super easy to plan out posts ahead of time and see the visual grid and automatically publish.

      SO two options that can help you become a social media sensation, sans the stress, in no time!

      What’s my commitment?

      Photo subscription terms are for six month or twelve month terms. If you cancel before the end of your terms, sessions already shot will be billed at the regular one time business session rate of $800 per hour. If sessions are not shot, your account will retain a credit for that session to be used within one calendar year from when session was scheduled. 

      If we do not shoot due to any unforeseen emergency/weather circumstance in a particular month a shoot credit will be applied to your account to be used again as you wish. 

      Why do I do what I do?

      I love giving back and showing up for you. To give the best possible experience and service. To create. To be the artist I am meant to be. To give purpose and intuitive insight into everything that we create together. 

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          Im excited to start this journey with you and to help assist in creating content for you. I look forward to meeting with you and making brand magic together! 

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      PS. Looking for more information? Use the form below, and let’s chat about what your business needs!

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