Think about it, you go on a date with someone you matched with except when you get there they look nothing like there photo! HA! 

I don't want this for you nor will I allow it. 

People should be able to recognize you when they hold up your headshot next to your human self 3D self. Keep your headshot current and you don't need to lose weight just to get your photo taken.

YOU are beautiful!

You want your headshot to look like you. 

Retouching - I use basic retouching to fix a temporary flaw like a blemish, a stray hair, a wrinkle in your shirt, etc. But lets keep it real friend. The authentic you is the best you. I will teach you to own yourself by the end of this shoot! 


A headshot is not just a headshot to me. Headshots are specific to the individual I photograph. Its the emotion give me. Your personality. What lights you up? What pushes you to do what you do? 

You are unique as your fingerprint, and I want to help convey that. Maybe it’s your confidence, the light in your eyes, an elvis grin, a deep intelligence or a can-do attitude. Lets play. You bring YOU and Ill bring my camera to capture your truth.


You know me always talking bout vibes, but its real! Its energy. Energy is everything. 

What you bring to the table the day of your shoot is what will reflect on camera.

I provide an amazing calm environment of creative love and light energy.

You must bring the joy and love inside of you. The reason you booked this shoot with me to begin with. The reason you are getting your photo taken. The reason you get up in the morning to do what you do. Everything matters. Lets remember our purpose and mission for why we do what we love. 

What do I wear!?

Can you help me choose outfits? 

One of the most important elements of your portrait planning is clothing styling. Clothes can make or break the entire session. Miss matched clothes, competing colors, wrinkles, clothes that are too large or small. It's important to make sure clothes fit properly and are pressed. Make sure nails are freshly manicured (not bright chipped polish). Week-old hair cuts are best.

  • Solid Colors are preferred. Black is always great. Remember to keep it simple

  • Keep patterns to a minimum, they can pull attention from your face.

  • No visible logos or branding on the clothing itself, again distracting!

  • Don’t worry about being seasonal, we are going for classic and timeless here. You want your images to stand the test of time and not look dated. If its summer, bring a sweater. If its winter, bring a tank top. We will be inside my studio so I got you. *If we are outside shooting in weather conditions than this is a different conversation obviously.

  • Do you have a favorite jacket, hat, scarf? I tend to veer away from accessories, however adding in YOU and what you typically wear is most important here. 

  • Prepare your clothing by cleaning and ironing before the shoot. We do have a steamer, iron and board at the studio so if worst case you can use that. 

  • If we are just shooting headshots, no need to stress about what shoes to wear.

  • Pack your clothes the day before and know which outfits you look the best in. Check and double check. The worst is forgetting your favorite jacket at home!

If you get stuck you can always email photos of what you have put together. 

Still stressed out or just don’t have anything to wear? I do have a stylist on call who can pull items for you and I would be happy to connect you. Rates starting at $200 depending on need. 


Should I bring jewelry? 

Are you a jewelry designer or retailer of jewelry, then yes :) 

For everyone else I recommend keeping it simple. Like Coco said, before you leave the house take off one piece of jewelry. 

Dramatic earrings and necklaces might look amazing, but they will pull focus from your facial features. If you’d like to add them for a few shots, that would be great, but I would highly advice away. We want the jewelry if any to be small and simple. It can overall pull the eye of the viewer away from you and onto your accessories. 

What do I need to bring with me to my session? 

  • If you think ‘I might need this,’ bring it! We have a full stylist kit available to help with outfits or stray threads. 

  • If you are using a makeup artist/hair stylist they will have everything needed to create your look. 

  • If you’re thinking of shaving during the shoot, bring your own razor and shaving cream. 

  • If you have questions beyond what is said here, just let us know! We can help you decide if you need to bring it or if we have it with us.


Have questions? Please reach out and lets discuss further: