*Please note this project is only available to Kansas City only at this time 

Img 9738 Covid 19 Porch Party Session Amina Hood Family Samantha Levi Photographyweb


To capture and confess what our truth is through human connection during this pandemic. 

What did we learn? 

How have we grown? 

Why are we here together? 

Our sense of connection is what sustains us and our recognition of community is what is making us stronger. We have all been forced to isolate ourselves in order to protect one another. 

THIS gives greater purpose to the quarantine. 

THIS is the defining the lesson that is presenting itself so that we may celebrating these meaningful connections, these relationships, through the good, bad and ugly that exists within our own journeys. 

What to Wear:

Come as you are. No seriously. PJs on, hair not brushed, Im the most chill non judgmental personal and I legit LOVE all of it! This project is getting me out of bed just as much as you are

Ideas... you can dress the part, put on halloween costumes or masks?..

Overall.. Just be you and have fun with it.

What is your energy that day and how do you want to freeze this moment in time? 

Shoot you could even book this, not tell you family, and then be like EVERYONE OUTSIDE NOW and Ill be there waiting :) 

oh and 

Pets Encouraged!

Img 9820 Covid 19 Porch Party Session Amina Hood Family Samantha Levi Photography Webres

The Process:

1. Book the Shoot and time slot that best fits your family. Include your Name, Phone, Address (of course). Please answer the questions I have asked on the intake form so that I can better document and know YOUR STORY. 

2. I will reach out to you the day before to answer any questions and go over specifics. 

3. I will call you when I show up and will stay 6+ft away from your house and you. 

4. You'll come out, we have fun, thats it! Painless and easy and Hey something to look forward to! You go inside, I leave.

5. I upload the top photos to a proofing gallery for you to choose your favorite photo. I will then email the photo of your choice to you. If you would like additional photos those will be available at an additional fee. 

My Gift To You:

- a complimentary 22 min session with Samantha Levi

- 1 final digital memory to share on social media

Img 9800 Covid 19 Porch Party Session Amina Hood Family Samantha Levi Photographyweb

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