When was the last time you were photographed? 

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“If photographers are responsible for creating or reflecting an image of women in society, then, I must say, there is only one way for the future, and this is to define women as strong and independent. This should be the responsibility of photographers today: to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection.”


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Samantha Levi is Professional Portrait Photographer in Kansas City and the founder of Phare, a space founded on the ability to connect illuminated innovators. Samantha is a mother to son Auggy, olde english bulldog Merle and kitty Rieger, she loves to cook and is reiki 2 certified! 


My name is Samantha Levi.

I am a professional photographer. 

I am a light worker.

I aim to find the beauty in what is real, to produce images that mix euphoria and the kindred spirit. I love to find and capture those loving, honest moments. It is my mission and purpose to help connect your emotional self to your physical self and create the most beautiful portraits you have ever had taken. I want to show you what I see on a soul level and help connect you with your higher self.

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Samantha Levi believes in the power of the physical print while preserving the historical legacy that is beautiful timeless photographs. 

'I want to preserve our legacy again!' 

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We live in such a digital society where everything is done on our phone and no one is printing anything anymore. It hurts my heart! There is something special about choosing your favorite images, the feel of the paper, the frame, and finally placing them on your wall so that every time you come home or pass it in the hall you think 'wow!' and it takes you back to the emotion, the energy, that happy place where you felt aligned with yourself. Your best self. Your higher self. 

Over the last 5 years I have photographed numerous families, couples, weddings, and portraits. I have offered everything on usb, dvd, or direct download. BECAUSE thats what people wanted, that was the trend, that was the normal. Thats what you asked for...

Do you know what I found? 


1 family!


Actually took it upon themselves to print their photos, that I took, that THEY spent good money on. THIS blew my mind.

THIS moment.

It was as if a lightening bolt struck me. 

SO I changed my process once and for all. Im going against what everyone else is offering BECAUSE I see you.

YOU are busy and I want to give you one less thing to worry about. SO I said enough with digitals!! You get a print instead and as a bonus you get a digital to share on social media to brag on yourself. 


Samantha comes from a family that documented everything and then on top of that she became a photographer! Talk about years of archives to pour over. 

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‘Theres something nostalgic about going through an album or a box of old prints from childhood that brings back the great memories and the love that was shared. THIS is what I want to gift my clients. THIS is the moment I want them to have years down the road.’ 



This is our tradition.

This is our roots.

This is where we came from.

THIS IS who we are!

Legacy is important and I can not stress it enough. This is the true art of photography that I believe in and want to share with you. 

So show up in your kids photos, because you don’t want them asking you years from now why you aren’t in any photos with them.

And god forbid you are gone tomorrow and then what photo is left in your memory! No shoulda coulda maybe next time. I won't allow you to continue to make ridiculous excuses about why you can't take a photograph.  

OH AND YOUR ‘but I need to lose 10 lbs’ is no excuse! STOP. Please!

You are powerful, You are strong, You are here, You are present and You are beautiful the way you are, in this moment at this time!

Let ME coach you how to pose.

Let me help you with what to wear.

Let me book the hair and makeup artist.

This is my job and I love it! I get to create beautiful images that you will love for years to come. 

I got you!! 

Your only to do is to listen and show up :)

No excuses remember!!! 


Samantha Levi has an ability to capture the true beauty of ones soul and honor the legacy that exists between your emotional self and physical self. Samantha superpower is channeling your higher self.  

The question is,

how do YOU want to be photographed

by Samantha Levi? 

What is the process?



We meet ahead of your photoshoot to plan out the perfect custom session for you. This is where you learn more about the entire experience. We chat prices, timeline, what to wear, hair and makeup, and more. This allows us to get to know each other and to fully understand the vision and purpose behind how you actually want to be photographed. 



Your photoshoot starts with relaxation and pampering at our studio. My team and I will get you camera ready and feeling amazing. We make sure your hair and makeup are photographing 100% to your liking before we even start the shoot. I will photograph you at my studio in all of the wardrobe you brought. Through the photoshoot I will coach you through the best poses for your body and allow you to fully connect your emotional self with your physical self. This is true magic! I teach you to be confident and cool. Just get ready to love all your photos! Im warning you in advance lol!



After your session, you will be invited back to the studio for your Order & Reveal session. AND its my favorite part because you get to see your higher self come through. Here, you will review my selection of the ‘best of the best’ images to make your final selects. Any important decision makers are welcome of course to join you on this session as well. Just make sure you relay all of the information I tell you to them as well! You have the option to purchase images individually or in discounted bundles. The more images you add to your order, the more you save! There is no requirement to purchase. You only have to buy what you love. Thats it! 

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I can't wait to help you

design your dream photoshoot! 

Please use the space below to tell me about how YOU want to be seen. This is your chance to dream big and connect to your higher self!

Who do you want to be photographed with? 

How would you like to be photographed?

  1. Glamorous - Bring the gown, cover me in diamonds and turn on the fan!
  2. Classic - I want to dress up and play!
  3. Professional - These images will be for my work.
  4. Casual - Capture me! Friendly and approachable with a side of bed head ;)
  5. Sexy - Looking to bare some skin and connect to my sensual side

Why do you want to be photographed? 

How did you hear about Samantha Levi?!

*Please include your phone number and double check your email address before sending so that I can get in touch with you to chat further and explain how much fun we are gonna have!

Next, Samantha will review your answers and create the perfect package for you. Don't worry we will cover prices in our consultation call :) 

Once that's done, she will schedule a call to book your session and answer any questions you may have.

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Hour of operation


Mon/Tues - 9-6pm

Wed/Thur/Friday 9-2:30pm

Saturday/Sunday - Closed


3216 Gillham Plaza, Suite 250, Kansas City, MO 64109



All images belong and were taken by Samantha Levi of Samantha Levi LLC